the Elusive Miss Jean Louise

Miss Jean Louis is a hero walking amongst us.  She is revered by gods and humans alike, a walking angel, a true luminary.

This is the story of how Jean Louis saved GISHWHES and with it, the world.

The elusive Miss Jean Louis was born an ordinary girl.  She grew up in your typical nuclear family, with 2 trees in the yard and RC Cola in the fridge.  She went to a nice little college, got a perfectly acceptable job, and settled down into a perfectly little life. But that was all to change.

Happenstance led her to poor, lost Misha, who led her to nothing but trouble.

Soon enough, they were staying up late, drinking brand-name beverages.  They went so far as to eat out on a Wednesday night.  Can you imagine it?  On a Wednesday?  Misha was full of bright-eyed ideas about changing the world, and who could have stopped themselves from getting caught up in it?  Until the night of the stinky fish changed everything.

No one knows how it got started, let’s just say that the elusive Miss Jean Louis stuffed the trout down his trousers, saved the man’s life, and won the admiration of a nation.  Her brave deed inspired an idea, a scavenger hunt of massive proportions and craziness.  It would span the globe, changing lives of everyone who dared to enter, and those who had the misfortune to cross their path.  Thus was born the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

No one ever saw Miss Jean Louis again.  Oh, there are those who say she was spotted here or there, but no really knows where she has gotten herself off to.  Some say the fame was just too much.  Some say she is still embarrassed about eating out mid-week.  But we all know the truth, that just when the world needs a hero, we will find the elusive Miss Jean Louis.


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