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When we first decided to homeschool, I sat my teenage, homeschooled nephew down for a chat about the good, the bad, and the ugly of schooling at home.  One of his biggest complaints was the social aspect, not that he is socially awkward (he not despite homeschool stereotypes), just that he sometimes feels isolated.  To counteract that, at least in a small way, we joined a co-op.

Generally, I like it.  We go one day a week, and while that one day is long for us, it’s not overwhelming.  The kids are each in 4 classes, which are designed for enrichment as much as learning, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of knowledge they have already acquired.

There are so many things I love about it: the crazy clothes and colored hair, the teenager with Aspergers who teaches Bear’s favorite class, the friends they are making.  There is really only one thing I don’t love: the germs.

Y’all, we have been seemingly sick for the past month.  I can’t imagine what it would be if they went to regular school every day, although that might actually boost their immunity sooner rather than the slow, virus-y death we are going through now.

One of my coaches saw a great transformation coming in my life, and she saw a lot of resistance to change on my part, which she said only amplifies the effect.  Julie Foucht, one of my amazing VA clients, also says that sickness in your body can be a sign of transformation, which was a huge revelation for me.  With all the sickness we have suffered, we’re about to go through something big.

But in the meantime, we are having to do deal with some serious symptoms, including high fevers.

I don’t believe fevers are a particularly bad thing.  they are your body’s natural response to fighting germs, and one of the ways your body protects you from them.   I believe that your body does what you train it to do.  If you give it ample opportunity to fight germs, it becomes a master germ-fighter.  If you constantly pump it full of meds, it learns to rely on outside sources.  That’s why we choose first to give our bodies a chance, and as a last resort, take medicine.

I just want to throw out there at the beginning, I am not a doctor, I can not help you diagnose or treat any illnesses.  And I am in no way against modern medicine, quite the opposite.  I just think the emergence of Google diagnoses and urgent care clinics that are little more than drug suppliers is less than ideal for our overall health.  This is how we choose to take care of ourselves.  Your health is in your hands.

Every family seems to have a fever prone kid and Sunny is mine.  This past weekend, she was acting kind of puny.  We had a friend stay with us for almost a week while her mom had surgery, and we went hard the whole time, staying up late, playing hard, and eating junk.  I figured she was worn out from all that activity, but Sunday afternoon she clearly took a turn for the worst.  Her fever spiked at 103, and when she complained that her neck hurt, I figured it was time to take a trip to urgent care.

Thankfully, there was nothing seriously wrong.  Tylenol had brought her fever down by the time we got there and they diagnosed her with an everyday virus.  Tylenol when her fever got too high, rest, and few essential oils mixed in, and she was better in a couple of days.

Which finally brings me to the original intention of my post: what I do for fevers.  In this post, I gave you my general rules for seeing the doctor, and the same are true for taking drugs.  Fevers over 102 can get scary real quick in our house, so anything over that, alternate Tylenol and Motrin every 4 hours, take a cool bath in Epsom salt and essential oil, drink plenty of fluids, and rest, rest, rest.

We’ve developed a pretty good system for anything under that.  All of our recipes for health start with water and rest.  There’s really no better ingredients than these for giving your body the space to heal.  In our culture of busyness, all too many people want to go, go go, when what their body needs to rest, to focus on fighting off the bad.

On top of rest and water, we use Young Living Essential Oils.  No they aren’t snake oil, nor are they a magic cure, but they do support your body’s natural function so that you get better faster.  Much like a vitamin, you don’t expect miracles to come from it, but it does help.

Our System

We have a routine application of Lemon, Thieves, Cedarwood, and Peppermint every 30 minutes to an hour.

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All of this, plus constant diffusing of thieves,  lemon, and peppermint while watching Netflix and drinking Pedialyte.  So, that’s our system.  It’s not perfect, but it works most of the time.

How do you treat fevers?

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