Summer Bucket List

I feel like I have been really serious lately.  Like I wanna get out there and do stuff and change the world and do this thing.  But….  that’s not really me.  I kind of ran away with myself.  cause sometimes I do that, but usually, I make it back to myself eventually.  And it’s there that I find myself today.

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I was looking for a picture of the refrigerator I wanted to crawl into and instead found this random pineapple. Isn’t the internet amazing?!

It’s summer and here in Texas, it is hot. Like real hot.  Like, shove yourself in the fridge and shut the door kind of hot.

Ok, maybe not that bad, but sufficiently hot.  So I guess it’s officially summer.

And what with trying to rock my new biz, homeschooling, and general life up-keep, I feel like this year has been a whirlwind.  I resolved that once summer was here, I would have time to breathe, but so far, I feel like I am almost busier than ever.

And so we come to my summer bucket list:

  1. Throw the schedule out the window.  Summer is a time to play, and relax, and have fun.  the days are longer, the sun is shining.  If ever there is a time to learn how to go with the flow, it’s in the summer.  Now, I like my routines.  i am happy in my routines.  And yet here I go breaking all the rules.  This summer, my first objective is to sit back on the tube of life and let the current carry me exactly where I need to go.
  2. Involve my Kids.  Major stomach flip.  My house is turning into an epic battle of us vs them, we have lost sight of the fact that we are on the same team.  And that makes me a sad panda.  This summer, I’m slowing down.  I’m taking time to show them, to let them, and to encourage them.  Forget the mess, forget the loss, forget the time.  We’re a family and family means we work together.
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    First Project of the Summer: the “car wash” I started 2 years ago. Already making progress!

    Get Creative.  The thing I miss the most in all of my busyness is creativity.  Even when I am creating something, I haven’t allowed myself to be fully involved.  I have been simply running from one project to the next in an effort to get things done (insert battle cry!).  Summer means slowing down and letting my imagination lead the way.

  4. Allow Myself to Dream. Sleep under the stars.  Cook from scratch.  Explore something new.  Do something outrageous.
  5. Finish what I started.  OK, I am already working on this one, but with all the other things on my bucket list, this just seems appropriate.  I have big ideas, a crazy imagination, and a very active Pinterest page.  What I don’t have is follow through.  But this year, that’s my lesson.  What better way to learn it than doing all the fun things!  Ok, maybe not all the fun things, but at least a few!

So that’s my plan!  Have some fun, love on my favorite kiddos, do some exploring.  What is on your summer bucket list?

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