Money vs Value

A buck.  What’s it worth these days?

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Most people I know, myself included, are aware of how their money is spent.  Maybe, being raised by baby boomers, we are still the dreamer generation, but we want to be smart about it, you know.

Sure, you can have a fancy house, drive a nice car, maybe set yourself up a good retirement, but what is all of that worth?

I’ve been on a spiritual journey lately, intensified by my KonMari experiment.  I have had to take a long, sobering look at myself and my life and question the value of what I have and of who I am.

All of a sudden I was surrounded by things that weren’t contributing to my happiness, and some quite the opposite. It was all too easy to say ‘Oh, but that was so expensive’ and then keep it around even though it had no real value.

One day I was going through piles of junk with my dad, and I heard that exact phrase no less than 50 times.  I gently reminded him that just because something cost a lot in 1976 didn’t mean it was worth much in 2016.  Of course, being the external processor that I am, hearing the words as they came out of my own mouth led me to a glaring realization;  just because I once loved an item doesn’t mean it is worth anything to me now.  I have to suck it up, take my own advice, and move the hell on.

This is a major mindset in the KonMari method, but it took the application of it for me to truly grasp what it meant.  Times change and so do people.  In the same vein as my dad’s connection to the money he spent on an item, I connect to the way something once made me feel. Whether or not it still elicits such emotions does not cross my mind.

Just because it made me happy at one point doesn’t mean it fits the bill now.

I had to train myself to search out value.

The simple life is all about making the most of everything: every moment, everything talent, every relationship.  It is about living life so hard that when you reach the end, there is no more left to live.  It means that everything in my life must have a purpose.

I was carting so much stuff around that had no function.  It’s purpose had long ago been fulfilled, yet there it was. It’s lack of identity bled over into my own life, leaving me lost, without a purpose of my own.

Slowly but surely, my life is clearing out.  Piece by piece, my life emerges, beautiful and messy and ever-so-slightly chaotic.  Just the way I like it.

And now for you: What are you holding on to that no longer brings you value?

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  1. Turns out there are lots of things I thought I needed that have been in a storage unit for more than a year! I am actually excited to move get the unit open, and purge more stuff after we move!

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