Virtual Assistant

I believe that women rule the world.  I mean, we’re creative, nurturing, thoughtful, and assertive without being unkind.  When you add entrepreneur to it, it blows my mind.  Female entrepreneurs are the game changers, the heart feelers, the healers of the world.  And that is why I love to help them rock their business.

Let’s face it, life gets busy.  You have kids, you hire a babysitter, you have a business, you hire a virtual assistant.  My whole life purpose is to make your life shine.  I take care of the everyday tasks so you can focus on the game-changing, goal-making, I-Love-my-life things that matter most.

I specialize in working with female entrepreneurs because I have been down that road before.  A few years back I owned and operated a life and parenting coaching business.  As your virtual assistant, I bring that experience, along with all of the other random knowledge I have acquired throughout the course of my life, to help you find your unique pressure points and ease the pain.

I have a wide variety of skills, but we all know that modern day success is built around relationships.  I don’t like to just work for my clients, I want to know them, to collaborate with them, and to connect.  That’s how I help you take your business from on the edge to over the top.

Still, skills are important, and I’ve got some:

  • Website creation and upkeep
    • I have worked with WordPress and SquareSpace
    • Write HTML and CSS
    • Plug-ins, Posts, & Pages
  • Graphic Design
    • Photoshop & Illustrator
    • Canva
    • Advertisements, Logos, Social Media Banners, Website headers, Avatars, Newsletter Templates
  • Administrative Tasks
    • Communication with Customers
    • Newsletters
    • Blog Post Writing, Editing, & Posting
    • Scheduling Appointments
    • Researching Industry Topics
    • Social Media

You can buy anything nowadays, including time.  Hiring me guarantees you more time for the things you love, with the knowledge that your business is still being cared for.

Click Here for the details and to schedule a time when we can discuss all the ways I can make your life shine.